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The German Gemmological Association (DGemG) gratefully acknowledges the following companies and personalities for extensive donations in kind to supplement our reference collection, as well as the loan of various specimens for research purposes:

Arnoldi International
Balzer, Reinhard
Cipolla, Valentino
Constantin Wild GmbH & Co.KG
Cullmann Türkise
Edelsteinhaus Erwin Hess e.K.
E. & E. Klein
Emil Weis KG
Eveline Maes E.K.
Friedrich August Becker e.K.
Georg, Werner
Groh + Ripp OHG
H. Rudolf Becker Ohg
Hans D. Krieger KG
HC Arnoldi e.K.
Henn, Dr. Ulrich
Herbert Stefan KG
Hermann Grimm KG
Hermann Lind II
Heydemann, Michael und Jürgen
Karl Faller e.K.
Karl-Heinz Meng Ohg
Kulsen & Henning GbR
Lothar Haag GmbH & Co.KG
Munsteiner, Bernd
M.T. Mohr GmbH
ParTu Lapidaries GmbH
Paul Wild OHG
Ph. Hahn Söhne KG
Schultz-Güttler, Prof. Dr. Rainer
Julius Petsch jr. e.K.
Rohan Serasinghe Edelsteinhandlung e.K.
Steinhart, Meinrad Josef
Strobel, Achim Brasilianische Edelsteine
Tewes, Carl
Viktor Klein GmbH & Co.KG
Werner Wild oHG
Wild & Petsch GmbH

For further individual donations we would like to thank numerous friends, members and colleagues from gemmology, as well as companies in the field of gemstones and jewellery.


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